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Al & Latoya Brown

"The home and the salesperson were awesome, they helped us work through everything."

Bobby Smith

"The salesman was very helpful. He was very dedicated in seeing that everything was done. He did a good job."

Cortney Lawson

"They were nice people anytime we called they came right out took care of it "

Edward Sechrest

" My wife and I did a lot of shopping around. The folks at Winston-Salem were the only ones who called us back to check on us. We were impressed by the way they handled things."

Ernest Priddy

"They are good mobile homes and they treated you really nice"

John Cox

"They followed through with everything they said."

Jonathan Tuttle

"They were very good"

Michael Gill

" They were really good to deal with and the process was smooth."

Michael Hudson

"Very satisfied with my home and the service I got from everybody there."

Nancy Stevens

"The manager and the salesman I dealt with were very helpful and every time I call for a little repair they have been there.They were out there so fast by the time we got back they were done fixing it. Daniel was super, super nice and helpful. I would highly recommend him. "

Peggy Fulton

"The way everything went smoothly. Went out of their way to make sure I got everything filled out, just a number of things."

Richard Funk

"We had some issues along the way, but they took care of the issues. They stood by their word. Every time I got disturbed about anything they reassured me. It was good customer service."

Sherri Mize

"I already have,I had a great experience,it was easy,it was quick,I had been looking around other places I was hassled at Winston Salem I didn't get hassled"

Vanessa Somers

" They were very friendly and they were fast getting things done"